Post your STL Designs for Elecric skateboards

hello, any users would like to share their desigins for motor mounts , any items for E-boards STL or and 3d design will be appricated, thanks in advanced.

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check thingiverse

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i did, desgin is not good

:grin: if you don’t like what is freely available then I’d recommend you start designing your own

or you check pinshape:

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There are plenty of good pulleys on thingiverse but not as many motor mounts. Check out Enertion’s open source mount. It is for personal use only.


There are some complete electric skateboards as well. Even better because most of the files aren’t STL’s so you can work with them and mod them to you specs.

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IMO. Thingiverse kind of sucks.

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Btw, you can get free files from Enertion’s Store.

This a great idea for a thread. @shaohad

I was just looking for a topic like this - I am looking for a drawing or CAD of the cross section of a Caliber 2 hanger so I can finish up a motor mount. I ordered the Trucks but wont be here till mid next week and I wanted to time it so my mounts from the waterjet company arrive at the same time. I used Enertions freeware but since it is a 2 piece holder I just want to check the dims before I send it off.

@korryh look on GrabCad. There are a few caliber models on there.

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@lox897 - Thanks for the suggestion. Tried importing the one I could read in my software and it didnt match Enertions. I don’t have solidworks, I work with rhino and 3DS Max. I dont necessarily need the cad files just caliper readings of the hanger cross section height and width.

Someone else on this forum will be able to give you some Caliper measurements. If I had calipers I would.

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@onloop Thanks man, I opened your file but there was a gap between your 2 part mount with the Caliber shape. I wasn’t sure what your tolerance was but since it is a 2 part mount you can have a little more wiggle room. I am making a 1 part mount that connects to the caliber hanger then an adjustable arm that attaches to the motor. I just need the basic height and width of a cross section of the hanger I have the curve radius of the top of the mount.

this thread opened to be able to arrange all the files and desigins in one place. who ever do not want to share its hes call, all the rest who respond with cynicism. save it for your selfs

i aimed for this thread to share only free files users would like to share with E-skateboards community. so i’ll appricate if users wont respond files which is not free

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If someone can measure their Caliber 2 hanger cross section I will post the files to an adjustable motor mount for a 50mm motor. I will also give the name and cost of the water jet company you can buy them from. you will have to drill your own bolt and set screw holes but I have designed flat spots where the holes need to be drilled so it should be easy.

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okay this is post is made a while but did you find the measurements of a caliber 2 truck? i need them too

Dimensions of the hanger, or the whole thing?