Postal services, Importing, Exporting from USA and EU, (Share your knowledge)

Most of us here who either tried to buy or sell something may have encountered or noticed Very high shipping prices, Or felt uncomfortable exporting from or importing into the states. So vendors and regulars have you found an easy cheap solution?

I’ve found To been nice for EU - EU for those hard to reach places.

Do you know about parcel monkey? gets you quotes from a lot of curriers

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I’ve tried them.

Nothing special. don’t like the website either, I feel like parcel2go is like the same thing just nicer.

these guys want 22eur for 0.3kg shipment to uk with 5 eur discount idk the dimensions tho

regular post is the best for small items

anyone have experience with shipping batteries? Ive got a 10s5p from diyeboard that I would like to ship to someone

im looking for tips and advice you can give :slight_smile:

Use gls, they are only willing to ship batteries, Im using them to ship mine Reasonable prices detailed tracking and fast delivery (5-7 days)

youre in the states? Their main website is .eu :frowning:

I’ve used these guys like what 2-3 times always late and even worse they BS

If they come a day or 2 late, On the tracking they will Write (Adress error blah blah) Or you missed the delivery.

im in croatia, they only work in europe, too bad

yeah :confounded:

i never had problems with them, i even schedule the delivery when i want it, they call me the day before delivering and ask me when i want to, same as dhl but like 1/3rd of a price

I shipped a 10s2p through Fedex Ground. Required some preparation, labels, and shipping directly from a Fedex Ship Center (Office Print & Ship cannot ship batteries)


fantastic! How much did it cost if you dont mind?

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I paid $13 to ship from FL to CA

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:o hey thats not bad at all

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