Potato Engineer | Sector 9 Faultline | Psychotiller Enclosure | TorqueBoard Dual Internals

Hey all, longtime lurker and first time poster here.

Anyway I’ll try to make this quick- The name has nothing to do with the board but is more a reminder to myself to try and think before I do things as there are several mistakes that I have made in this build that could have been EASILY avoided.

My idea going into this was gutting my torque board dual and sticking its guts onto a different deck not because its bad but because my roads around here are pretty rough so the vibrations were absolutely terrible. I chose this deck because I thought that it would maybe be a little less stiff than the torque boards deck and would also be a good launching pad to make more upgrades- larger wheels(maybe even pneumatic wheels), longer trucks, and larger motors. For now however, I only had enough resources to change decks so I chose to do that.

Anyway, my three mistakes were: not properly measuring out the length of my battery and vescs and getting a properly sized enclosure, not getting long enough hardware to actuallly mount the enclosure, and not properly measuring out where I wanted to put the holes for the enclosure. I also should have waited for the proper tools to actually cut out the port for the battery stuff(the port is actually cut out using shears and a chisel). These next pictures should illustrate exactly what I mean.

Anyway, I’m not really making this post to seek out help, but I am making this for anyone new who might have had the same idea as me- make sure you MEASURE THRICE AND CUT ONCE. Maybe you’ve heard this before but I think this is highly overlooked.

Shootout and a big thank you to both @torqueboards(thanks for answering my questions and your board is terrific) and @psychotiller(your enclosure are top notch).

Signing off, -thunderstruck


That doesn’t look too bad! How’s it ride?

Thanks! I have nothing against TorqueBoard’s deck but the ride has become much more forgiving and is a pleasure to ride!

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