Power cuts/disconnects after installing ABEC 107's

Hey guys,

So I just recently upgraded from my Torque Board’s 97mm to the ABEC 107mm, nothing else has changed and I started getting what I want to call power cuts under heavy acceleration.

I’m running 12S4P with dual 6355’s with the Focbox Unity.

When I first installed them I definitely noticed a reduction in acceleration. I thought maybe there’s to much strain so I up’d the amperage from 50 to 55 and same with the brakes but no difference that I can tell other then a bit more power. I never touched the battery amps.

Any ideas?

Also separate issue is that one of the motors is noticeably a bit louder then the other, annoyingly so. I tried adjusting belt tension to be the same as the other side and swapped to a different belt but no change. It honestly sounds like one is running in FOC and the other is running in BLDC just to give an idea.


Did you adjusted the motor amps via android app?

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Im guessing it’s Samsung 30Q, right?

12S4P 30Q are able to draw a max of 60A (actually 80A). Is it 55A on motor max or battery max?

If it’s 55A battery max on each motor, then i’m guessing it’s overdraw limit (if that’s a thing).

Try bumping your amps down to 50A again. You won’t be able to get the same acceleration again with 107mm anyway.

Hey yeah I did.

Are you sure that you hit read before applying the new settings? The App is still buggy, hook the Unity to your computer and redo motor detection and settings with the Focbox tool and see if it goes away.

Yup it’s 30Q. Wait so 60 or 80A?

Atm my settings are Battery=50A, Max Braking=-8A, Motors=57A & -57A.

Well thing is it was a 50A on battery and motors before I did anything. Then I up’d them to the settings I listed. I’ve been having cuts on 50A & the higher settings (57A).

Yeah I definitely did hit read. Thing is this was a none issue when I had the 97mm on. I could try hooking it up and redoing I guess. So lazy I’ll do it later today…lol.

The Bluetooth is still unreliable, I don´t use the app anymore for changing any settings. Sometimes it even does not show the HUD data correctly, I am pretty sure that this messed up your motors settings.

Alright I hear you, I’ll adjust later on today and report back.

For what it’s worth BT has been working ok for me for the most part.

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Rated for 15A (per cell) by Samsung but have been tested at 20A (per cell) without any issues. We are starting to hit my knowledge limit but I’m pretty sure it isn’t recommend to set your battery to 80A but 70A should be okay I believe (not sure)


Is battery 50A for each motor or both?

What does upping the battery max do anyway?
I think it’s both since there’s only one slider?

Limits how many amps you can pull from your battery.

Sounds like you are right. 25A for each then.

Have you got like a Metr module or something you can record your live stats? Maybe you can try to record your stats when accelerating hard?

I don’t having anything to record the stats. I have the Unity and I don’t know what other apps it works with besides the Unity app.

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So just to update this thread. Yesterday I hooked up the Unity via cable and did a firmware update (just to reset everything, I already have the latest firmware) and then I changed some settings up to almost 60 amps. Yesterday all seemed ok didn’t have any issues what so ever. Then today I was just riding and it started happening again a lot. Accelerating and cut or braking and cut. I also checked the receiver and I have it siliconed in and it doesn’t seem to be coming out or anything. I have no idea what else to do at this point. I can only assume interference, I am in Seattle but it happens in residential and down town. Sigh…


If anyone has any ideas I’d be grateful!

Could be wrong but it sounds more like a remote receiver issue than a settings problem. Pretty conservative battery/motor settings really. What remote are you using?

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What bms are you using?


xMatic, but it’s no way near the Metr app. Just shows some overall stats for the ride and error logging. You need it to show every single little stat through the ride.

Hey! I’m using the Nano V2 from Torque Boards.

I’m using the 12S4P battery from Torque Boards so I have no idea what the BMS is.