Power cuts/disconnects after installing ABEC 107's

Problem is I have android :(.

If needed though I could potentially get a cheap iPhone just to error log?

Metr works on Android, the hardware you have to monitor your vesc is what isn’t up to the task

You have an hm 10 module, right?

I have a Focbox Unity, has bluetooth built in.

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Ah ok, that is not the Metr module, and although its annoying to go out and buy another thing, the Metr is the best diagnostics tool that we have out now, I would think

@CarlCollins <- this guy is magic, he can probably help you out


Thanks! I sent him a message. We’ll see what he says.

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This is actually almost identical to the issue that came up for me yesterday. I’m 150 miles into riding this build, it’s been solid until yesterday and I experienced almost exactly what you describe. 90 motor/40 single(80) both channels on battery. I did see ‘over current’ error coming up while this was happening and it was isolated to my right channel in physical behavior. I lowered settings to ‘babytown frolics’ mode at 65/60 and still had the exact same issues.

Haven’t had time to diagnose yet but will when I get back from Bakersfield next week.

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Yeah please keep me posted and I hope you get it sorted out!

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I totalt forgot about Ackmaniac! Try it! Its an app for Android only :slight_smile:

If it’s an older model they only had 30A or 45A BMS at the time. That could be your problem, with 107’s you are likely pulling more current for the same torque and its hitting the limit of the BMS which switch’s off. If you accelerate slowly then this shouldn’t happen. Anothing way to test this is to start on a hill and do full throttle, if you cut out it is more likely to be the BMS.

Replied to you inbox message

Hey guys so just to update this thread. It looks like it was AGAIN my receiver/server wire connections that were coming loose. It was pretty subtle and I was surprised it was happening. It did a short test ride and no issues.

So yeah check that connection if you’re having the same issues as me!