Power SPDT switches

Post functional and bling, whatever works.

Edit: Intended use is off a compatible BMS or an anti-spark switch

As far as I understand, latching not momentary (needs to stay on) is what we need for esk8.

Here’s some starters subject to revision on compatibility - wait for experts to comment before using my links: -




@Namasaki thanks, reposting

Are these for use with a switching BMS or anti-spark switch, because none of these can handle the current if you’re thinking of placing them inline…

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You might need resistor if your install switch with antispark as current can kill LED at least.

If it is to go with bms e switch then you should be fine. I’m connecting mine with 3.3V on the vesc to power up the switch led - works perfectly.

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Yeah, I should edit the original post to clarify that. For use with a BMS or anti-spark

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Another good point, the LED one would need to be rated for the voltage supplied by the BMS/anti-spark

Or you could use a resistor/voltage regulator and still use them if they’re rated lower.

That’s very true, thanks Kevin

Are you using a Bestech BMS with a SPDT (built in led) as the e-switch?

@karma Yes sir! Works very well. I wanted something better looking than just regular switch. Also it is waterproof ( I think ) and is made of Metal, very solid :wink:

Would you mind linking the switch?

Not at all

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Like what Montpierre said if you use battery voltage to power 12v led use a resistor to regulate current and you’ll be fine. Tried this the other day with a 12v led switch on 10s with a 2.7k 5w resistor. works great!


You got it!

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