Power supply 1080W / Dual Charger 400W

I want to sell my power supply and my charger with accessories and cables He has little use I hope to receive 180 € but I am willing to negotiate

The power supply is the TURNIGY 1080W POWER SUPPLY The charger is the TURNIGY MEGA 400W X2

IMG_20180602_232104_HDRIMG_20180616_172747 IMG_20180602_232502_HDR

The power supply: TURNIGY 1080W POWER SUPPLY IMG_20180616_180128_HDR IMG_20180602_232315_HDR! IMG_20180602_232301_HDR

The charger: TURNIGY MEGA 400W X2 IMG_20180616_172448_HDR IMG_20180602_232401_HDRIMG_20180602_232435_HDR

Is this still for sale?

Location? 10char

I live in Portugal