Power supply not included for imax B6 charger

Hi! Which power supply will be o.k. for imax B6? http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/_31467__IMAX_B6_50W_5A_Charger_Discharger_1_6_Cells_GENUINE_EU_Warehouse.html?strSearch=imax

Any options in EUROPE?

I got this one but it seemed like it was used so I would suggest getting a different one. Also it gets dangerously hot if you charge batteries at 5 amp. Get something that is a bit more expensive.

I would suggest just getting the iMax B6 V2, then you don’t need a power supply. Just plug and play :slight_smile:

Yeah! But that was only option for EU warehouse, so i need to find now good power supply.