Power switch for 6s system?

I was wondering if anyone has come across a 6s capable power switch. I currently am using an r-spec II motor with FVT 180a esc and 2 6s 8000 mAh batteries in parallel.

I just ordered a 2 motor carvON and am currently debating between using 2 VESC or 2 FVT esc’s, but that beyond the point of this question.

I’m looking for a 6s switch that I can using to power on and off both esc’s. They both come with on/off switches, but they are ugly boxes, and I was hoping to use a sleeker lightup button. The problem is, they all seem to be 12v switches.

So does anyone have any ideas on a switch that I could use and How I could wire up this dual esc, dual battery system with the power switch?

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

check this

I have used a circuit breaker in one of my builds where I wanted a switch. Its cheap, and also has the added benefit of being a breaker so there’s no need for a fuse. it’s a bit on the big side, but I really don’t like the idea of solid state switching, mechanical breaker gives me piece of mind.

@McLeod on endless sphere and here I believe made a switch out of a 24v automotive on/off relay and a 12v lighted push button switch. It works well with 6s. Maybe 8s.

I got a circuit breaker I’m going to try too. $6 on Amazon. Just using it as a switch. I’ll be doing some testing, don’t want it randomly shut down on me. It’s a 60 amp ac one.

I used a 100A and its never tripped.

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Torqueboards () has an anti spark power switch, it supports up to 14s: product/on-off-high-voltage-anti-spark-power-switch-2-14s/

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You could also use an xt60 loop key

That is the one i use. Its very simple and gives you a place to solder in your volt meter other than onto the ESC. It comes with a blue illuminated push button switch which looks great and stands up to the abuse for the most part, but you can easily change it out for a different one to meet your aesthetic since compatible switches are common and easy to find. You can even order them in different colors like red, green, and yellow from a few places online.

I recommend it. Highly durable and easily modified.

That is what I’m looking for. thank you.

Different colours? Can you give me a link to one? I searched around and could only find ones with 20amps max current.

The switch component that you put your finger on and push isn’t carrying any real power, its just telling the big switch on the PCB to open or close, and that is what carries the power. So the switch you’re actually looking for doesn’t need to be any sort of high current switch at all.

You can even get them from ada fruit for about $5.

I have tried and tested a number of different switches, pretty much anything will work with that relay board. Even a dip switch would work if you happen to want the tiniest switch possible.

I even thought about making a “key” out of a reed switch and a magnet so that i could have what appears to be no switch at all, but it would power on as soon as i stuck this key thing on the box.

while that Is a great idea @longhairedboy I wouldn’t use a reed. not on a skateboard with loads of vibration. a physical key switch might be the go.

Thanks LHB. I understand now.

yeah i came to the conclusion that it was a bad idea as well. lol

Someone on here who understands it better should make one and sell them. I ended up buying the diy one linked above, but it is SOOO over priced.

And they don’t always work.

knife switch…