Power switch help!

IMG_20181117_152937 I had a switch and it broke, now i want solder up a new one but i need a resister but i can’t figure out what resister this is company told me 1k but when i went to buy it it didn’t look the same


What voltage has your battery? Do you also know the rated voltage of the led or maybe even the rated current?

im running 8s but its the switch you get with the flipsky vesc but im changing the switch to a diffrent 5pin latching switch http://www.onpow.com/en/product/product1824.html

changing to this one https://electricboardsolutions.com/collections/switches/products/led-switch

You are good with any resistor from 1100 Ohm to 2200 ohm, rated dissipation power of at least half a watt. That values are only valid for a 8s battery with a 12V led.

You sure? Do you perhaps know why its there?

It’s there to drop the voltage for and limit the current through the indicator LED.

I don’t know anything about resistors IMG_20181117_191503 Is this one usable?

Blue resistors are slightly annoying to decode because it’s harder for me to tell which colors are which. I’m not 100% certain but I believe the colors are as followed: red, yellow, black, black, gold. That means it’s 240 ohms. I’m not sure if that color combo is a valid one in a resistor or not, but regardless it is not quite the 1.1k - 2.2k range goldenHusky stated. If you mean usable as in if it still works, then idk. The only way you can be certain if a resistor is still viable is using a multimeter.

46480031_2329915880628529_4159249052455665664_n i got this from the manufacture of the original, but the resistor in the first picture isn’t a 1k am i right?

There is a resistor color code that you can look up to determine what the resistor is.

then it tells me 10 ohm… so that cant be right