Power Traverse - electric snowboard prototype

Hi Esk8rs,

Was looking for help trying to optimize our vesc settings. Spent quarantine developing a swingarm based paddle system for snowboards.


I think we’ve got the traction down, now trying to work the bugs out of the power system.

Could use your expertise getting the torque @ startup, so the user doesn’t need to unstrap and push the snowboard.

The setup: 60v/1600w large hub direct drive, hall sensor FOC 60v 17s 35Ah 100A/50A BMS Flipsky 75/200

Seems like a config issue as one random config had enough torque to launch the setup before I lost the config.

See how it has no torque at all @ start

I can only push the motor to 37A before the motor starts to saturate.

Any help would be much appreciated, trying to get this thing on the snow to test.