Powering a single belt motor esk8 with a dual motor ESC


Im building my first esk8. it is a 36v single drive belt board. I accidentally ordered the dual motor esc instead of the single motor esc. I know it is cheap but it is good for me. I have seen this thread but it doesn’t have a good discussion.

  1. Did someone this dual motor ESC to power ONE motor intead of two?
  2. Theoretically, is there a problem with that configuration?


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try it out and let us know!

you can get cheap single VESCs like under $100 in the future.

Thia is why I asked. I want to know if it is okay before i hook everything up so i wont ruin the components… What do i need to check?

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we are trying to say that it is unlikely. Think about how shit of a design that would be…

It should be fine, just don’t hook up the other side. Also don’t let the unconnected wires short out, either.

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Yeah I think, if you insulate the 3 wires that you are not using, nothing will happen. Im not sure, but you can programm the master part only, dosen t care about the slave. Im I right?

i dont know if that esc is programmable.

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he asked if it worked, not if it was good.

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