Powering external equipment (LEDs) using Space Cell

Once I got the Space Cell in recently, I lost the luxury of an underglow using LED strips.

Previously, I had lipos powering the motor and an external 12v DC power bank powering the lights.

Since the Space Cell has limited room, there should be a way to power the light through the Space Cell, right?

I was thinking of using a buck converter wired between the battery and VESC. Is this a good idea? I mean, is it safe for the rest of the electronics?

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Your welcome


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Hey, thanks a lot.

So I guess a buck converter is the answer.

How does that get wired up to battery? Wiring diagrams?

@Dedbny got a napkin I can draw on ? Lol

@Dedbny - it has two wires in - which say voltage range. and two wires out @ 12v 3a:

Doesn’t get much simpler. You’ll need to power it from the power plug of the SPACE cell. Inline or splice or whatever to tap into the power.

That make more sense?

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So ill get 12vs out? Yeah then it is. Lots of 12v accessories.

Yeah what @sl33py said… I’m toiling on board at the moment lol

Yup! 12v up to 3A (realize you likely will need some airflow or it’ll get hot at max amps). But a full roll of 5050 SMD LEDs only used 1.8A when i tested, so not likely an issue unless you are riding around like @Michaelinvegas:wink:

I need to get one of these for eventual LED’s that @Michaelinvegas showed me (the independently addressable ones) .

Yeah I’m delayed all over the place … I’ll get around to it soon … I hope

What are you going to do with the addressable LEDs?

I have some left over rolls of those and thought about what could be done.