Powering LEDs from VESC 5v?

Is it possible to power LED flashlights from a vesc? Specifically from the plug that powers the reciever? I have dual vescs and wanted to have one powering the receiver and the other powering some headlights… Will that burn out the vesc?

yes it works, 0 issues

There is also a 5V source on the UART connector, isn’t it ?

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pin 1 on the P3 (UART) header is 5v


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@bevilacqua @Slak @mmaner There’s no chance of the vesc burning out? That would be a super easy solution to my problems! Thanks everyone!

I wont say there’s no chance, but I don’t see any difference in using the +5v lead to power a BT adaptor and a light bar. Personally I use it to power a LED power switch, have for months with no issues.


just don’t draw too much amp off it, I think that 5v port is rated at 1a.

powering two smaller 300lm led in parallel draws about 500a 500mah so don’t get carried away and overload that circuit.

proper way would be to use a led driver, like meanwell ldd-1000h, or a buck step down, connected in parallel to main battery pack.

not true


adding “options” to power source will decrease power and distance

Okay for led lights up to 4W*** :wink:

I wouldn’t want to rely on the brain to provide power for such a power consumptive component. I recommend getting a BEC(dc to dc converter) for the job, it’s more efficient too. :wink:

“Options” = would be anything beyond the basic board (motor(s),vesc(s)/focbox(s),remote). So things like Bluetooth modules, leds, headlights, tail lights, running lights.

As @thisguyhere mentioned, the Vesc can only handle light duty on the signal and uart ports. Headlights bright enough to be effective might be too much and if you burn out the buck converter, you’ll have no control and no brakes. Better not risk it, just get a separate converter as suggested by @ZackoryCramer

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I agree :point_up: anything more than the modules(light duty) is nonsense