Powering VESC help!


so i need to power my vesc but i don’t have a regulated power supply and cant buy one, what can i use to power it? I have a Imax B6 balance charger, is it possible to use that?

A battery? I wouldn’t use anything else, except if you have a power supply. You can power it with a 3S quadcopter battery or something if you have one…

i think you only need a regulated power supply if there is no firmware on the vesc…which if you got it from any of the relatively well know retailers on the forum im sure that has already been done. i got mine from diyelectricskateboards and was fine just plugging into my batteries

okay thank, i got mine from the same place @torqueboards. so would it be okay to just plug in my 10s batteries?

i would say yes, but lets wait to see what @torqueboards has to say

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Yeah, you don’t technically need a lab power supply - better but you don’t need it.

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If you had to use a power supply what voltage/current input would you use?