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Pre-build advice/consultation

Hey everyone,

I’ve been absorbing a lot of knowledge over the last couple weeks about e-boards, electronics, circuitry, gears, mechanical systems, etc and I think I’m ready to tackle my first DIY project. I already have a Raptor on order, but I’d like to make this a learning experience with my own board as well.

I’d like some advice/consultation/review of my parts list to see if I’m missing anything or doing something wrong. I appreciate it!


Deck: I like this deck in this color and couldn’t find just the deck by itself, so I opted for the full board
Trucks: not pickey, just chose these because they’re compatible with caliber mounts and they ship close to me (SF Bay Area)
Wheels: Big fan of the completely flat Kegel wheels (83mm recommendation would be great too, though I would need a different pulley)
Motor: Was on the fence between these and the Enertion R-Spec, but these are sensored and I’ve opted for that, though I’m open to anything (planning to run FOC).
Bearings: Not picky, just picked a popular one.
Battery: Best bang for the buck IMO. I thought about building one but getting 40 Samsung 25R’s is already $200 at $5/each, a decent BMS would be another 70-80, torqueboards antispark switch is $60, then I need a charger, charge port, enclosure, and battery meter so it’d be coming up to about the same price.
VESC: Best price and comes with 5.5mm bullet connectors and XT-60 for plug and play compatibility (Ollin’s are bit too pricey)
Remote: I think this will work? It requires a BEC, but maybe I can wire the VESCs +5v pin to it… I’m not sure really. I’ve used this remote before on my Benchwheel and I found it very intuitive and easy to use.

Thank you!

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With a board this spectacular, I would invest is higher quality bearings.

Now that I think about it, I don’t even need bearings since the deck I’m getting is a full board. Did you have any bearing recommendations?

If I’m not mistaken, the enertion vesc doesn’t come prefitted with bullets, the female connectors are included with the r-spec motor and need to be soldered on.
Just a heads up.
Not sure if the TB motors come with the female ends.

Though bullet connectors are dirt cheap to buy and easy to solder so shouldn’t be a big problem if they aren’t included.

Enertions VESC comes with 5.5mm bullet connectors now according to their product page.

Ahh, nice.

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