Pre Build Thread. Need Help With a Name

So I was about to make a build thread for my board when I realized I don’t even have a name picked out :face_vomiting:

Here is my board

Help me my creative brethren! Also open to new suggestions… but only good ones.

  • Stella (Belgians make some damn fine beer)
  • Orion (belt driven, get it?)
  • Gemini (Twin drive)
  • Van Go (Starry Starry Night)
  • Cosmo

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They do make some damn fine beer.


It’s also my wife’s name, so upvote that shit. I wanna tell my wife that I got some guy off the internet to name his board after her :grinning:.


First impressions told me this:


But I like mike’s idea better lol

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We have pretty good beers in Belgium :slight_smile: image


Isn’t that psychotillers dogs name too?

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It is, I had forgot that :slight_smile:


imma just be a sheep here and follow the crowd

And cookies! Ignore that these are the American version 20181213_121628

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I wish I was your secret santa. I would have sent you a whole box :smile:

Were you even eligible at the time Venom? I know I wasn’t at the cutoff date. I was still too nooby.

I was still a baby fledgling, stumbling around the forum nest surviving on regurgitated information. After Christmas, I SHALL SPREAD MY WINGS AND FLY

Stella was listed first for a reason. Get your votes in if you want a say!