Pre-built Direct Drive

I’m interested in a direct drive, pre-built board. I don’t have the skills or time to put one together. Are there solid, pre-built, direct drive options on the market. I wanted an Evo, but the Carvon supply chain and communications issues have scared me off. I see some promising discussions around a new direct drive option (torque drive?).

Is there a pre-built direct drive option I should look at it, or is the market for them still evolving?

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Its still evolving unfortunately but yes Torquedrives have promising direct drives that will be out soon. As for pre-built it is currently only carvon that ever offered that with their exos but those are also delayed. Gotta wait and see with them like everyone else

The only similar option is gear drive from a wide selection of vendors. Where are you from? You have: @Kaly, @Idea, @Nowind, @Kug3lis


@idea has no concrete plans of selling his drives at the moment when I messaged him but maybe with enough people interested? Haha

Yeah its a shame that the idea is not readily available. @torqueboards version is a way off apparently and the carvons are hard to come by. The last time I looked on the website the 2wd version of the evo was available and this is the one to get. The exo has the koowheel battery set up and they have issues. I think the torqueboards version will be worth the wait though.


There will be a new board coming out end of August / beginning of September. Do you have a budget?


I’m interested in the drives if you’ll be having those sold separately! trying not to get impatient lol

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There will be a limited about of drives sold separtly. Everything is always delayed in my life unfortunetly, so I really hope these won’t be taking much longer.

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Sent you a PM about it! :smile:

I was eyeballing the Evo instead of the Exo. I’ve been lurking here for a bit and Jerry’s issues just spooked me too much.

Gear drives don’t interest me. As an alternative, I considered swapping decks out on a Raptor 2.1.

Is the August/September board going to be a direct drive pre-built?


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Curious to know why gear drives weren’t of interest? I was thinking of going tor them if I couldn’t get my hands on a DD this year lol

I don’t have a great reason to avoid gears. The aesthetics of the gear drives I’ve seen remind me of belt drives. Intuitively, the direct drives strike me as an extension (no pun intendend) of what I like about hub motors, while providing more urethane.

If your set on a prebuilt PM @psychotiller and @longhairedboy, best prebuilts available. They aren’t really prebuilt, they are custom built.


Yes. I’ve looked both places. LHB’s recent blog post about moving away from pure custom work to a finite set of offerings makes business sense, for sure. However, it may mean he’s not a good fit for what I want. We’ll see.

I realize it may be a poor metric, but I haven’t seen enough YouTube videos out on direct drive equipment to feel comfortable in a choice yet. I want the verdict on Carvons after some wear and tear. I have loosely followed the technologies on these forums.

I have the budget for a Carvon Evo 2wd, or similar.