Pre built mountain boards

I have established that diy esk8 is a serious pain in the butt and in the wallet. So I’ve scrambled together a list of prebuilt mountain boards I’m considering and would appreciate input if any of you have purchased them.

Trampa board ^^

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None of those are true mountain boards dude


ok then what is

Look at;

@trampa @MBS @hyperIon1 @hyperIon2

There are others here too. I don’t really see a board with an undermounted battery as a mountain board, just doesn’t compute.


Underboard Batteries simply don’t work if you go off-road a lot. I don’t get the concept of massive underboard trays, limiting you so much in where you can ride. Our fleet of touring boards get heavy impacts all the time. Undersides look scratched and beaten up by stones. Top mount keeps your worries away.


I’m wondering whether to buy Kaly or Lacroix or Trampa, which is the better choice. I think it would be faster to buy a completed board than DIY work. I want a mountain board of 1500Wh to 2000Wh over battery. I want to run unpaved roads more comfortably as the battery is larger.

You guys need to decide whether you want a mountain board or a street board with AT wheels. Kaly and LaCroix are NOT mountain boards. As just mentioned, if it’s got an undermounted battery, it’s pretty limited in what it can do.


If you want to explore and don’t limit yourself, you also want the option to mount bindings. It’s makes a big difference if you have proper board contact. Unpaved roads usually have potholes and various surface conditions. Small stones constantly hit the underside of the board. With under-board-batteries you will always have impacts in mind, trying to avoid them while riding. Such worries are always your company while riding.

1500Wh is plenty BTW.


What is the realistic cell count for top mounted batteries? If it is 30Q12s7p then 907 Wh. I want a few more cells. I’m also interested in boards with bindings.

they’re field and forest boards :rofl:

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Really is. My 10S6P 35E pack is ~660 Wh and I’m getting 25+ miles range with dual drive.

How long rides are you planning to go for m8? I got 1160WH in my 12s9p 30Q pack and that gives me a range of about 60km on the road and atleast 40km for off-road riding. With a 8A charger it takes 3 hours to charge the battery, unless you literally gonna climb mountains i don’t really see why you would want a battery that big

Think this a more powerful one thick steel case. 60 lbs

i can say that most people dont need to go 45 mph up 45% hills but stilll looks dope

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The bajaboard is indeed dope, however i still wouldnt consider it a mountainboard, like the other models it has all the electronics underneath the deck.

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my goal is going over roots twigs sticks sometimes a pebble and mud all on a dirt path

Baja is a great board, but it is also quite high maintenance. If you aren’t keen on doing your own repairs, cleaning and maintenance, don’t bother.

Also it’s heavy! like nearly 30kg heavy!

@LEE Battery trays (Enclosures) like @Kaly’s aluminum enclosure and @bigben’s fiberglass enclosures resolve impact related issues. If you want bigger packs and/or have aesthetic concerns check those guys out.

You will slam that into the ground several times during a ride! Make sure the underside can take full speed impacts. BTW: We clean our boards with a jet-wash after a proper ride in the mud.