Pre Built Small Boards?

Ive seen online what i think are electric penny boards - Here and Here - Is there any others and/or is it worth getting them for riding to school etc. Smaller ones like that can fit in a school locker unlike long boards if your wondering.

I probably always say this… but why not just make one yourself. you can make it as big or as small as you like.

haha always nice for a laught these chinese prebuild things… 24V 8ah 35km range :smiley:


yeah, possible If you’re a small chinese school kid

yah while riding downhill…

…carrying a solar panel charger :monkey: :

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Here is one from . Due to release in December. Not sure where you are located. It’s free shipping though and I have had excellent service from them. Good luck :slight_smile:



I went with building one myself as there are no affordable portable electric skateboards with a decent speed available right now. If speed doesn’t matter to you I would go with a blink board, they seem to be quite reliable. Another option would be the bolt motion if you are willing to spend 900 usd.

If you’re in the U.S. i’d go with a Onan X1, its a Chinese manufactured unit but it’s been holding my weight at 280lbs, which is over the weight limit. Most people here will bag the shit out of the Chinese products but IMO Onan stepped it up, unlike Landwheel, they actually tested their units… Also with my weight some of you won’t believe me that i’m riding it but meet me in person at Venice beach, CA, I’ll show you. I go 6 miles on that bad boy cruising before having to swap the battery. My nephew goes 10+ miles at 150 lbs and hills up to 25% if your light. unfortunately not much hill climbing for my big body. :slight_smile: mind you i’m also 6’3 as well. I’m not advertising here so if you need one i’ll shoot you in the right direction just message me. Heck you can even try my board out if you’d like and you can see how i’ve beaten the crap out of it and the thing won’t die.

That does look quite promising, I might get it after they release it depending on what people say about it, thanks.

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Sadly i dont live in the us but the uk, but they do look quite promising, if i looked them up right the just “Snap On” to any board. I am prety light so weight dosent really matter, thanks

(This the correct thing - Here

Check out Fightmode they are a UK seller i saw the other day in Reddit.