Predator/Ownboard hubmotor/esc kit w/ 10s3p 30Q kicktail build

So since I want another smaller board to run around with, I decided to build a hub motor kicktail board

Things that have already been ordered:

  • ESC / Motors / controller from Predator Boards / Ownboard – boosted board style remote, supposedly near vesc-level smoothness.
  • 30x Samsung 30Q cells from IMR batteries and a 10S bms for charge-only, I will be building the pack myself.
  • battery enclosure from UNiK
  • 32x9 kicktail deck that is currently drying after being painted black.

I will still need to get a front truck/wheels. Grip tape, and other misc things.

I’ll get build pictures up once parts start trickling in.


Ordered new 180mm trucks and 90mm flywheel clones

for the grip tape, i wanted a little different from the standard black,

so went with


Sweet deck. What is it?

just some random blank deck I found on ebay for like $15

not welded yet, but stacked in its final configuration. should give plenty of juice and range for this build.

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Wish I saw this earlier. Would have sold one of these to you for like 30 bucks.


If you are selling the surf rodz tkp’s…how much? I could always use another set.

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dang. c’est la vie.

I’d sell those 159mm Indeesz + the orange Baseplate for $60. I think that’s a pretty fair price considering the cost of a new set that’s never seen a hill bomb.

do you wanna sell the adjustable base plates?

I’d have to charge a lot more for those adjustable base plates.I’m rather fond of them.

I can dig it. Ive been thinking about getting some myself. @Sender has some for his RKP’s and I’, jealous :slight_smile:

Well PM an offer if you’re interested

i iwll soon, gotta get through some existing stuff first.

Damn mike. I WAS GOING FOR THOSE! :joy:

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Go for it brother, I’ve got 2 sets allready.

Finished the battery today, all thats really left now is to get the motors/esc and it’ll be plug and play from there.

board is done, due to some issues i had to go with a wowgo esc and picked up the new meepo hubs with replaceable PU sleeves.

in classic fashion i lost a bolt so the enclosure has only 7 instead of 8.

anyways, its charging now but i love the stealthness of hubs. time will tell how it rides.



How you like the esc so far

i havent been riding too much, but its very smooth, i would build with it again for sure.

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