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Preliminary Build List for My First Electronic Skateboard!

Here is my list to buy so far. I am very new to this and still need to do a lot of reading before I start building. Any advice is appreciated!

SCSK* 40" Bamboo Kicktail Longboard Deck - $35.91

9x33 Mob Black Griptape - $6.97
I plan to cut a design so this should be enough grip even though the board is 40"

Enertion 50d Trucks - $57.57
I am going for these trucks so I dont have to modify my truck hangers to fit the enertion pulley system.

83mm Flywheels with ABEC 7 Bearings and Spacers - $22.99

5/16-9/16 angled Riser Pads with 1.5" Hardware, ABEC 7 Bearings, and Spacers - $10.99
I dont need the extra bearings but these were still the cheapest prices I could find

Enertion Motor Mount - $56.89

Enertion 12mm Drive Pulley System 15t Motor and 36t Wheel - $39.57

2xZippy 5000mah 3s1- 20c Batteries - $66.98
Hobbyking is backordered at the moment but these are similarly price with the free shipping. I will connect these in series and have the option to upgrade in the future by adding another pair in parallel.

Turnigy Areodrive SK3 - 6364 213kv Brushless Motor - $73.50
or the 245kv version . Would the 213 be sufficient for me? I am 90kg (200lbs). Also all the motors are backordered on Hobbyking so I may look into other companies.

Enertion VESC Motor Controller - $128.90
Might go with the new platinum with warranty.

FS-GTB Transmitter/Receiver - $32.21
This is a clone of the HK-GT2B right? Hobbyking is backordered on this item.

IMAX B6 5A 50W Charger-$16.93
Are the “Copies” ok to use?

10 pcs Banana Plugs 4mm with 10x Shrink Tubing - $5.59

10ft of 10 Gauge Flexible Silicon Wire - 12.99
Maybe I coud get this cheaper at a hardware store. I dont need the full 10 feet.

Im sure I will need some other electrical equipment including a soldering iron. I haven’t done too much reading yet on electronics.

Total of listed parts comes to $603.90. I think if all goes well I should be able to stay under 700 after misc parts and shipping costs.

Thanks for taking a look! Let me know what you think!

Looks like a nice build you will need an xt90s for a loop key, but other than that looks good. Enertions stock is low from what I hear, so u may be waiting a while, escpecially for the vesc

Yea, I think diy has the VESC avaliable so maybe I will go for that.

Ollin boards has VESCs available

@nfed163 looks good. What enclosure will you use? It’s worth planning for it now so when your parts arrive you are ready to go!

What is the difference between different brand VESCs (Enertion, diyelectricskateboards, ollinboards)? Do they all have the same functionality just different manufacturers?

I want to understand more on the electrical side before I decide on an enclosure. I have seen people throw together temporary enclosures too which I may do.

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Basically, Ollinboards are hand made while the others are factory made. The specs are the same. Same with their sizes, so it shouldn’t affect your decision on an inclosure.

Definitely get the platinum Vesc with warranty. Better to pay a little more up front.

There was a thread recently, someone was having trouble with a charger like this getting too hot.
I would recommend spending more for a good Lipo charger. It’s such an important part of your build.

Thanks for the replies! I will keep these suggestions in mind.

I have a question about batteries. It seems more common for people to run 2x Zippy 3s 5000mah batteries in series then it is for people to run 1x Zippy 6s 5000mah battery. Is there a benefit to running two in series rather then a single battery?

Flatter profile is the main benefit

Yea you are right they are about half the thickness, guess I will stick to those.

I also have some questions on the VESC. Do I need a power supply and a st-link v2 usb connected for my VESC? What exactly do these two things do and can I use my VESC without them?

Never mind I found a really good VESC guide. Still confused on the VESC input needed to connect to the computer.