Pressing tight fit bearings into hubs..Need help?

Hi Guys’

I got a set of MBS Rockstar black anodized wheels and having trouble seating the bearings. I am sure the bearings are the right size. Should I try sanding out the hole a bit or is there other ideas? I do not have a bearing press so need ideas that use standard tools…



I use a small punch and run it around the outer race, tapping Softly and working slowly. Putting enough pressure on the inner race to seat a tight-fitting bearing will damage it.

Edit: if you go at it in a star pattern, you’ll have good results

Thanks will give it a try…

Be very careful not to hit the shield!! It’s best to use a fine punch with a flat tip

Throw the bearings in the freezer for a couple of hours. They will shrink maybe a couple of hundreds of millimeters.


Dry ice would be ideal! At the same time you could heat the wheel hub too!

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It might heup to use the outer race of another bearing to exert the pressure.

I’ve used a bolt, nut, and big washers that cover the whole bearing, with a cheap throwaway bearing on each side of the thing I want to squeeze, and use a ratchet to tighten.

Not sure the punch is a good idea. It’ll probably deform the race?

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The punch works if you’re gentle and patient! I like the idea of using another race too, or a sacrificial bearing. In my mind, the critical aspect is not exerting pressure on the inner race


Thanks everyone ended up cooling the bearings down in the freezer, taking the wheels apart then pressing them in with mallet and on maple block…


Good to know the MBS wheels are a proper press fit unlike the other vendors…

So tempted to get a set… :thinking:

The old hot/cold trick is a good place to start from there I use my drill press if need be with a socket sized to the outer race :wink: