Pressure resistor controller

I really like the idea of the one wheel where you don’t have to hold a controller, but I prefer the benefits of a diy board, such as longer battery and more stable at higher speeds. My question is, has anyone built a board with pressure resistors running through an Arduino to a vesc? So in theory the rider leans forward to accelerate and leans back to slow down/stop. If not, does anyone have any ideas on how one would build one?

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Sune pedersen from Faradaymotion made one years ago. Company does not excist anymore, but the info should be out there somewhere…

In practice such a thing would end up being too dangerous due to how a riders’ weight shifts while riding over rough terrain / turning and stuff.

Braille reviewed one some time ago, and it was pretty sketchy.

I was wondering if that would be a big issue

It’s also a matter of ergonomy, adapting it to riders abilities/habits/obstacles (slope, etc)…

A simple “temporization” can solve many issue…

Yeah, I realize like going on hills would mess you up, it was just an idea

Not necessarly… rider’s weight can still be balanced on the board the same way (forward, backward, centered). That’s might be a problem regarding traction, in some case (offroad,…)

It can be done well with software to dampen input. Using stress sensors in trucks. Jason lee who runs grin electric bikes and endless sphere made it go well and he sells the parts needed on his site

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