Pretty cool Kickstarter campaign build your own battery packs I stumbled upon


Just build a DIY arduino spot welder for like 40bucks and you have unlimited options in terms of size, shape and battery type/model. Also you won’t damage your cells with all the soldering heat

if you look at his previous KS, he’s selling chinese products, with an instruction manual.

Just seems to be a bad idea to be selling something so dangerous to the general public and advertise “hey look how easy it is”.

The 3 cell groups (1s3p) can only provide 30A continuous. It doesn’t say what max burst is, but I think 30A continuous is pretty low.

Nice idea especially for those without the electronic skills to build spot welders

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Looks cool but will it have the drain or quality.

Also i dont like soldering to lithuim. It seems like a good way to blow a pack.

because what better way to start your electronics career than with soldering liion batteries. :rolling_eyes:


Hi Maxid are you suggesting that battery building should be left to the experts? and spot weld only?

I think what he is saying is electronics is a stepping stone. Even the most experienced users are not comfortable with welding-soldering li-ion. This is not a beginners kit, if you screw up, they will bite you hard and that’s when stuff starts to burn.

You need to be confident in your skills to play with these kinds of cells

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Well building batteries should not be done by beginners - simply because when something goes wrong it can go horribly wrong. You don’t need to be an expert but you should know what you are doing. Soldering a Spot welder should be easy for you when you are starting to work on batteries.