Price Bump 2 each dual 2.1 escs

2 each dual belt driven 2.1 escs with remotes and switches. Used for 1 day each. Decided to go a different route for my board and my sons board. They cost $100 each shipped to me. $65.00 each OBO. My lose is your gain.


Price bump above

Do you know if these would work with 6054 motors? 190kv

Yeah they should work just fine. I see no reason why they wouldn’t.

Will these also work for Hub motors?

They are made for belt drive so the esc is programmed for motors around 120Kv-200Kv which will work smooth. If you use like a 70Kv hubmotor the throttle will be very sensitive, they also sell hub motor esc with smoother throttle curve.

What if I get 130kv hub motors? They would work?

If they can handle 10S that should be okay, but you will have a very high topspeed. theoretically around 70 kmh (80mm wheels) but you won’t be able to get to that speed because the esc can’t give enough power. you will maybe reach max 40-45kmh. Which is very inefficient and will use a lot of energy from your battery. Do you already have hubmotors?

Haha I will never go that fast. I think a maximum of 35 km/h? Probably less haha.

I also live in a very flat are so I don’t need the torque as much.

No but I’m planning to get these

Both of these escs are currently set to 6s you’ll need to solder a jumper to get it to do 10s. Simple thing to do if you’re planning on 10s.

If you don’t want to go more than 40kmh get the 75Kv and you will be happy. It’s explain in the description :grin: Moreover get two VESC from the link I sent you. You will be able to set the output current and having better accelkaratuon and brakes. Plus telemetry ecc… The difference in price is worth it Edit: the hubs you mention are 800w each. They require higher current to run. The basic Chinese hubs are made for less powerful hubs or like in this case outrunner motors with high Kv. I think the one diyeboard pair them are 270Kv.

Ok so back on topic for the escs I’m selling. They’re currently set for 6s but can easily be changed to 8s or 10s.