PRICE DROP | MUST GO | Barely Used Lot | $120 Shipped | US

I was going to build this board to bring to college but I need the money elsewhere so I never finished. Spent about $200 on everything. Leaving soon so all of this must go. $120 shipped. PM me for questions, more pictures, offers, etc. Include your city or zip code so I can calculate shipping. Thank you! :grin:

For sale:

  • DIYEboard Single Belt ESC V1.1 w/ power button (currently configured for 6s, but can be changed to 8s or 10s)
  • 2x New version rechargeable 4 speed remotes
  • 10" 50° Caliber trucks (black)
  • 97mm Flywheel Clone wheels (black)
  • Bones Reds precision bearings
  • 2x HTD5 belts (280mm x 12mm)
  • 13T 12mm motor pulley
  • 1/2" Risers
  • 1.5" Hardware


How much for the trucks and risers? I’m in College Station Texas :smile:

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PM sent 10 char

how much for the wheels and 13t pulley? I’m in 2156 Sydney Australia

and do the remotes come with receivers?

they are built into the esc

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Sorry US only. They’d be like $70+ to ship to Australia haha

:disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved:

Price drop to $120 shipped

I’m building my first board, if this sits long enough to reach $100 shipped my PayPal will be on it way. Looking to buy items but I’d take advantage of a deal as I was looking to go VESC.

PM sent 10 char