PRICE DROPPED AGAIN Enertion electric skateboard parts package. Space cell, trucks, mounts, belts, wheels, electronics

New price is 350 for motor, mounts trucks, vsc, remote, battery, wheels, pulley, and everything you see besides the deck.

Everything you see looks dirty and ugly, but it all works. has large RC controller that works but is large. I weigh 175 and I was going over 20MPH easy. I had to open up the SPACE cell to change the press button power to a switch, as it was tripping and killing the power in the middle of the ride. Battery has been sitting unused for almost two years since my 25 or so rides when I got it. Still works great! I can text you a video of the motor running if you are interested. Thanks!

New price 350 for all things electronic and drive train. IMG_0211

Willing to part it out? If so, first dibs on motor/mount/pulleys/belt/remote

Not quite yet. But I will keep you in mind later on. Thank you.

I’m really not trying to be mean, but you really shouldn’t expect to get more than 400 of the 650 (excluding the board) you threw out there ( not judging, I understand you just guessed it lol) but a used battery is a heavily devalued item, as well as used anything in esk8, really.

That being said I hope you hit your target, goodluck

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Thanks for the information. As an FYI, the battery has been charged approx. 25 times. Still lasts quite a while. New price 600 for everything.

@topcloud might want the deck


my favorite deck :smiley: yes if you part it out, pls lmk on the deck. nice find @KaramQ


New price 550 for everything. 475 for everything but the deck. Sorry, might keep that. If someone buys the rest I’ll re-consider.

Do I buy the deck as a @topcloud bargening chip? :dizzy_face:

I bet you have some sweet boards at your place :joy::joy:

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Just a few :wink:


Slacker, I have 300*

*builds in progress


Not one of them working either… Or do we have progress…?

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No Ben. But I thank you for coming here and reminding me of my failures as a builder and friend*

*term used loosely now


That was a slip on my part - I thought I was replying in PM to you guys :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Price drop 450 for everything, 375 without deck.

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New price, 350 for everything, but i decided to keep the deck.

PM sent

10 Chars