[price reduced] More goods for sale!

A few more goods for sale

[still available, price reduced!] complete dual motor set (190kv 6354) 15/32 with belt cover on 83mm wheels unsensored (sensor wires have been cut by previous owner) $225 shipped (conUS) $210 p/u (SoCal) 20180629_174652

[SOLD!] Enertion S.P.A.C.E cell battery pack Pack has some connection issues with either the wiring or BMS circuit board. For someone who’s knowledgeable, should be easy fix. $70 shipped (conUS) $60 p/u (SoCal) 20180629_163602

[still available, price reduced!] 10s 60a sealed, waterproof BMS (2x) tested and lightly used $22 ea; $43 both (shipped conUS)

[SOLD!] Modified GT2B remote controller with 3rd channel switch for LED on off receiver not pictured, sorry $25 shipped (conUS) 20180628_221329

[still available!] complete 36T gear set with belt $12 shipped (conUS) 20180602_005053

[SOLD!] 2x Ollin VESC with heatsink lightly used, like new $95 ea; $180 shipped (conUS)

[SOLD!] Modified GT2B remote controller w/ 3rd channel switch also includes 3D printed belt holster $30 shipped (conUS) 20180701_124055

[still available, price reduced!] Caliber II 10’’ trucks, single (BRAND NEW) $18 shipped (conUS) 20180629_172830

[SOLD!] 14S 60V toggle switch with LED (BRAND NEW) $40 shipped (conUS) 20180701_124242

Paypal (F&F option unless you want to pay 3% fee) is preferred for shipped orders


those vescs have no fault on them? and are they ollin v1.1 or v1.2

What kind of batts are in the space cell and is it a 10s4p batt?

I’ll get the control

@Ebisane9 no fault for both

@Tampaesk8er 10s3p, but not sure what kind of cells

@Blacksheep sure, white or black one?

The two they work fine right ?

I’ll take the switch

@Blacksheep yup, both tested and work as a charm. These controllers are awesome as I’ve not had a single dropout with the GT2B remote.

@Colson003 check your PM

I’ll get the 2

@Blacksheep just PMed you

2x VESC, white GT2B controller, and 14S toggle switch SOLD!!

black GT2B controller, Enertion S.P.A.C.E cell pack SOLD!