Printable hobbywing lcd remote wheel

I’ve recently stepped into the e-skate hobby after riding around for around 2 years with my onewheel.

I went with the Ownboard carbon as it fits my needs perfectly and I’m a tinkerer at heart. One of the first things that I noticed while handeling the hobbywing lcd remote is that the wheel just slips around with my gloves.

so I opened it after less than 24h of owning it and made a replacement wheel with an indicator tab on it. Love it so far for the 250km that I’ve ridden up to this point. Here is the file on thingiverse:

Welcome to the forum. Wow nice wheel button. Better than the glue I used. I glued a shit load of glitter on mine. It’s fast as hell. Like 15mph. So sketchy.

you’re not gonna loose it that easily now.

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