Printable PDF Templates (ANY DECK)

Hey everyone, recently I have been planning on making a few decks with a custom press and some Canadian Hard Maple or bamboo depending on the deck. I am not great at drawing so I taught myself how to make longboard templates that can be printed at life size. If any of you need any just ask and I can do it.

Here is a picture of some I have printed: Landyachtz Topspeed, loaded vanguard, and I also have done a jet spud that is not shown.

Download Links: Landyachtz TopSpeed 36" x 10":

Jet Spud 30" by 10":

Loaded Vanguard 40" by 10":

Bustin Shrike: 37.5" x 9.5":


Awesome. Thanks, and nice job

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Links added to first post

Glad someone else was thinking about this! I created a thread for this exact topic about 5 days ago.

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Thanks so much. Is there any way you can do this board. Its my all time most favorite board period. Bustin Shrike 37

It would be great if you could make a guide on how to do this!

I will make one for it tomorrow, don’t have my computer right now.

Hey NickTheDude, you just use photoshop and then resize to the dimensions and then export as a photoshop pdf. Then open it in adobe reader and print it as a poster. Just offering my service because I have photoshop and some may not.

Yeah, I posted the churchill templates on that thread. Wanted to post this thread as custom templates for any deck, not just ones that others made.

Thanks and nice job … BUT how could this be made into just an outline as printing that could easily use peoples coloured ink up :frowning:

I can make outlines if people want them

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I just thought seeing as though its only a template which you will draw around, and with ink being so damn expensive, it may be better being a template just with the make/model in the middle of it. Stilla great job though and a super idea (both you who thought of it!) i had considered dipping my toe into having a go at a skateboard deck but my printer would die halfway through that :slight_smile:

Thanks a lox897 the template was very good!! i could´n test it more than 5 minutes today, it was quite wet the road, but the flex and the feel it was great!! Tomorrow i will give it some sandpaper and transparent griptape.


That’s a pretty neat idea to cut it out from a snowboard. I want to do that now too!


thats awesome with that snowboard deck! let us know how it turns out as a longboard deck! although i think it´ll have too much flex

I have just completed the Bustin Shrike template, please check the first post.

BUMP. Anyone else need some deck templates?

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BUMP. Anyone else need some deck templates? I am building 3 bamboo vanguards and 4 baltic birch decks with integrated enclosures. Pics coming soon




lox897 could you make for me some templates? i would like to have Crownboards royal tribe,Landyachtz hatchet map,vecter 37,valhalla sho stopper…right now at school om making a big research work and in practical part i need to make longboards…i have been making many templates but all of them aren’t symetrical,so i would be realy thankfull if you could make me all of these templates…