Printable PDF Templates (ANY DECK)

No problem man. When do you need them by? PM me your email and if you would like them outlined or full

well there arent some kinda date when i need them,but i would like to get em as fast as possible, so i can start making those boards…maybe lil bit later i will need another template, but i will think abou that…i will realy appreciate if i could get those templates today…

my email- [email protected]

Would it be possible to get a PDF of the raptor 2 deck? Thanks, Sam

Would you be able to do one for the Evolve GT decks? Whichever one you think looks better on wood since the bamboo has more flared out edges while the carbon is more rounded - I’m not sure which I’d prefer on wood. Thanks!

I will send the templates soon

That is possible yes. DM email please

Yes, DM email please

Could you make a template for the Honey Green Flex?

@ernestsn Your templates are done I just need to send them.

@Smorto and @VikasG I am doing your templates tonight and emailing them hopefully tonight.

@gmoney Yes I can. DM your email

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I believe that is already made, the link is in the first post :slight_smile:.

Would a never summer reaper deck template be available as well? That board design is awesome.

Yeah I can do that.

@jlabs check top post

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Awesome, looking forward to making some sweet decks in the future.

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@lox897 Thanks for doing this! I may follow @Surfer and cut one out from a snowboard.

Anyways, I’m curious what kind of flex you’d be getting with the bamboo decks you’re working on. I’ve always loved the idea of a bamboo deck, and they seem to be able to take quite a beating compared to maple veneers, but I’ve loved the flexibility of my current (maple) deck.

It flexes ok. I’m only 50kg though so that doesn’t help. With my 80kg dad it flexes really well with 12mm thickness. I’ve pressed one deck for testing and am making a proper bolt press which I have the materials for to press two others.

@ernestsn @Smorto @VikasG @Gmoney

All the deck templates can be found on my mediafire, I realised they are too big to email. The crown longboards one didnt work, all their product pictures are corrupted for me. My internet’s quite slow so they’ll be finished uploading tomorrow. I’ll send links tomorrow.

I would love Vanguard 38’’, could you find?

There’s a 40" Vanguard at the top. You could print it slightly scaled down if you wanted an inch or two less

Ok, Thanks

@ernestsn Hatchet: Valhalla: Vecter:

wow @lox897 , realy big thanks to you…but if im going to printit from mediafire,will it be at right size?

You need to download the PDFs and open them in Adobe Reader, then print them as posters and they will be the correct size.