Printing and Transferring Graphics to Deck

I’m trying to restore and customize an old deck for my daughter, and I was trying to figure out how to transfer some small and large printed images on to the deck. I was thinking about printing onto some vinyl printing paper, and just sticking that to the board, and grip tape around it on top, but I don’t know how that would hold up on the bottom. I saw a youtube video of someone using normal laser printer images on regular paper, then ironing them onto the board, but I don’t have a laser printer.

So has anyone transferred images to a deck or have any suggestions? What methods have you tried, or do you like?

Something like this may work if you sand the finish of the board down to the bare wood on the bottom. Afterwards I would do a brush coat of epoxy to protect the images and the board.

Hmm, interesting. Looks similar to the iron on transfer in the video I posted, but without the heat. Looks like they both use laser printed images though. Might have to find a cheap laser printer just for this purpose if it’s this easy.

you could take it to kinkos or somewhere and use their black and white printers if they have those, that will pretty inexpensive.

It’s really easy and inexpensive. I’ve used that method to make Christmas gifts before with family photos. The gel matte is tacky after it’s dry and in my experience it the corners of the images didn’t ever set right but the results were nice enough for home decor, just not super clean looking - it looked like craft rather than something commercial. You’ll need to coat the board with varnish or something after it sets protect the image from rubbing off.

That’s a great idea. Thanks for the suggestion. I want to print some color graphics too, which I’m sure they could do on a laser printer. Gonna try that tomorrow and see how it goes. Now, if only Kinko’s could print me some cheap wheel pulleys too…:wink:

I’m having good results with vinyl intended for vehicles. Your local sign shop can do this. A layer of epoxy will also work here to protect and seal the edge of any vinyl. Probably more expensive than the laser printer route, but an option.

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