Printing Wheel pulley ABS or PETG

I need some help choosing the material to 3D print with.

So my university offers free 3D printing, but the only filaments they offer are ABS, PLA, PETG.

PLA is probably too weak, so should I go with ABS or PETG. Also the person who works there mentioned that they don’t usually print at more than 50% fill unless its absolutely necessary, but she could do me a favor and do 90%. It will probably end up being printed at 100% once I explain exactly what the part is for.

Worst case scenario it can be made at 90% fill what material should I choose??

PETG for sure out of those options.

datapoint: PLA has been absolutely fine for 50+ miles.

thanks @SORRENTINO and @boards, gonna wait for a few more votes before i decide

I have used ABS and PETG. ABS wears out in about 100 miles, for me. PETG has lasted beyond that and I don’t see any signs of wear. Definitely PETG, in my opinion.

PETG is the way to go between those options.

Thanks guys !

I’m gonna go with PETG

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