Problem connecting focbox. Just a bad mini usb cable 😎

Finished my battery last night just went to try check the Vesc and went plug it in heard a pop…polarities are correct and xt90s is fully pushed in…

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A pop from the FOCBOX? wasnt it the spark sound? Also, were the phase wires connected to something? Maybe they touched and the pop was a FET/DRV. try opening it up and see if there is anything visibly burned

I didn’t realise I need the loopkey out it was plugged in so current rushed to the xt60 connector and there’s a lil chat mark on the xt60 from the loop key side here

Oh, so it was the spark that you heard? I think that it should work because before i found out about antispark plugs and switches my switch was disconnecting connectors :smiley:

Spark and it synged the xt60 from the loopkey that connects to the xt60 on the focbox you can see it in the pic above was just a pop as it just touched

Does my motor need be connected before I plug in the loop key just to check the Vesc…have the motor wires insulated with electrical tape on the Vesc (gotta change the bullet connectors

The pop from a spark is normal, its the capacitors charging up rapidly. Not great for the connectors if you do it repeatedly, which is why an antispark switch or antispark connector is recommened. But if your polarities are correct and everything still works, it was just a dramatic spark and popping noise.

Do I need my motor connected to connect the focbox then loop key(won’t make that mistake again😂)

No… You can program the focbox excluding motor detection without the motor plugged in.

You need bldc tool as the focbox comes stock with 2.18

Other wise if your using vesc tool or ack firmware you will need to flash before you can connect and read.

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Nice one how do I flash it?

Connect in the tool you want to use and go-to the firmware tab…

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I’m in the bldc tool but says not connected is that because the motors not connected ya


You need to select the com port that the vesc is connected to. Then click connect.

Motors not connected have nothing to do with the “not connected” in the lower right.

No com port just a blank drop down menu that doesn’t drop down

You need to install the STM32 drivers then…

Where are they

Windows Mac or Linux?

Windows 10 bro

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Was just a bad usb cable🙌🏻