Problem pairing focbox with torque motor

Hi to everyone. I am facing a problem pairing the focbox with the 6374 torque motor. The think is that I am not sure if the A, B and C cables of the sensor wire pair with the H1, H2 and H3 inputs of the focbox. Does anyone know?


i’ve got a focbox and torqueboard motor, no problems at all. what’s the first indication of your problem? does the vesc tool throw any errors?

Not at all. Did you change the wiring before pairing? Or you just plugged the sensor cable to the focbox?

I was under the impression that TB motors They are actually .5mm off. Youll need an adapter like @Battosaii said :+1:


connector link: https:///collections/electrical-connectors/products/vesc-sensor-wires


Motor sensor wires have never been able to just plug Into a Vesc you have always needed an adapter and the Unity has not changed this. It’s a fact of life.

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Thanx. Do I have to change the A C B wires to A B C in order to meet the H1 H2 and H3 inputs of the focbox or it doesn’t matter?

The connectors will take care of that for you, no need to switch wires around.

Its not important to your case, as you shouldnt be re-soldering anything, but ( some )VESC based products will actually be ok with receiving mismatched sensor wires and signals, and actually read which wire is which, allowing it to calibrate itself.

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Thanx a lot

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Also guys I have an one more question if I may. I bought a switch button with 4 cables from chinese market. Does that goes to the focbox or to the bms?

Can you upload a pic of the switch? There’s no on/off switch on the focbox.You can either have a bms with eswitch. An antispark switch or a loopkey to turn on/off your board

Sounds like an antispark breaker type of switch, like the one that comes with @psychotiller s antisparks🤔

Οκ guys i ll be back to you with some pictures. Appreciate your help

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Please don’t connect anything before sending pictures,it’s ok to have more pictures rather than cramming things together

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This is the switch I was talking about

Ah. the diyeboard kit uses proprietary connectors that match their ESC. it would do you good to remove the hot glue from that, buy new switches that would be compatible with the hardware you have and then screw them back in. Not to mention diyeboard buttons have failed if I remember correctly. You dont want to passively drain your entire pack to zilch.

hooray my first solution, thanks.

Just keep bumping the topic with any more issues you might have and Ill try to keep answering lol

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Got it. Apreciate your support

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That’s not one of our switches. Ebay?

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