Problem programming VESC : Dual FOCBOX + 190KV 6355 TorqueBoards Motors + 12s4p battery

Thats what i said. Don’t check the box. It’s standard set, but it’s not good. Uncheck for sure.

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woops :stuck_out_tongue: must have glanced over it, thanks!

Its been awhile since ive done anything in the BLDC tool, I want to re-familiarize myself before I even unbox my Unity :rofl:

The motor spins fine during the first step of motor detection, it is at the end of the process when it brakes that something weird is happening (not always though)

Honestly i‘m not a big expert. But there some simple things you can do like I said you. If all this not help you can maybe make a small video and upload it on Vimeo or similar and link it here. The more information the better.

What I still don’t understand. One motor is working fine and the other not? Or both have the same problem?

Try sensorless

I tried your modifications and @MannyM0E I tried sensorless also. Both motors ran fine this morning… I will ride again longer later today and update you.

Thank you guy for your time and all the usefull information.

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Ok it seems like it’s working fine now. Let me introduce you guys to my healthy wife, a beautiful beast named Cali.

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