Problem with 90mm 6364 Hub Motor - doesn't spin/its stuck

Dear Els8 lovers,

I have an issue with one of my 90 mm hub motor (see picture to see the model(I took it from google)). image

Recently while I was riding my esk8, one of the hub motors completely stop turning and since then I couldn’t manage to make it move at all. Does someone know why is this happening? Does someone have any suggestions on how to fix it?

Another topic is about buying the rubber tyres or a completely new single 90mm Dual 6364 Hub Motor, does anyone know a seller that offers these two things? I tried to find one but all they could offer was kits or different model. Thanks for the help everyone. Looking forward to your advises/answers.

Phase wires could be shorted. I’ve had it happen to me before. Motor could have broken bearings or internals. Open up the insides and unplug the battery then the offending motor wires. If it can be hand spun it was shorted phase leads. If not the motor has a mechanical issue. I would also recommend swapping the working motor to the broken side on the ESC to test if it’s a malfunctioning ESC.

I know sells the same hub motor but it’s a different sensor connector than what you have in the stock photo.

Thank you meeep for your reply! After reading it I opened the motor and you were correct the issue was mechanical. The bearing was full with sand, I replaced it and now it drives smoothly and without problem.

This is a modern esk8 love story.