Problem with bms wiring

As you can se in the picture the connector doesnt fit, its 2 3s zippys connected in serie with that connector which has 7 pins but the bms says its for 6s and only has 6 pins, it came with A 6 pin connector but it doesnt seem right pls help

The bms only has 6 pins and wires because it doesn’t use the ground wire from the Lipo balance plug

Which wire should i cut?

The black wire on the outer edge of the 6s connector. CAUTION It is absolutely critical that you connect the batteries in the correct order concerning their main power leads and the the balance wires. If you get it wrong, you will short out the battery. Battery 1 and Battery 2 Battery1’s red main connects to battery2’s black main Then, Battery 1 supplies main negative wire and balance wires 1,2,3 Battery 2 supplies main positive wire and balance wires 4,5,6 On the Lipo balance connectors, the red wire on the outer edge is always the last cell in the pack.

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I got the series connection right so if I’m understanding this battery 1 which is lead neg, balance lead 1 black 2 white 3 yellow battery 2 which is lead pos, balance lead 4 white 5 yellow 6 red

btw is it connected from right to left on bms as the number there?

I might have a diagram already drawn. When I get home from work I’ll look and post it here.

You got it wrong on battery 1 It’s: Black = ground White = 1 Yellow = 2 Red = 3

But if baattery 2 is correct then Thats 7? And connector is only 6?

Thanks but its the ground thing that doesnt fit?

the Lipo balance connector will not fit the bms. You have to use the harness/connector that comes with the bms. Cut the wires from the 6s end of your dual 3s to single 6s series adapter cable and connect the wires to the bms harness as shown in the diagram.

Thanks alot, I hope i get it right