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Problem with diyelectricskateboard

Hello Guys,
Have anyone else had problems with diy electric skateboard? I bought two motor mounts, but got the incorrect truck mount on one of them, i’m trying for more than one month to get the correct mount and nobody answers my emails.

It is just frustrating.

no problems with then so far.

have you tried using the message thing on their site instead of email?

Tried both website and email, multiple times (6 emails, 3 times on the website)

never had an issue myself. I messaged them when I was first learning to build a board for advice. Were very friendly and helpful. So I bought my power switch from them, no issues.

@torqueboards is very helpful and has walked me thru some complicated stuff in the past. PM him im sure hell help you.

something tells me he’ll see this and your issue will be resolved soon.

I once ordered two motor mounts and received only one.
I sent an email and the error was corrected straight away.

this thread turned into a “why we love diyelectricskateboard” thread

Because TB is awesome and makes good shit.


I would love to feel that way, but i’m far away from love when all that I got was:

“I’ll send you another caliber truck tomorrow morning. What color did you want?” two weeks ago, and no sign of truck adapter…

But all that I want is to be proven wrong…

i think the point everyone is trying to make is that your case is the exception to the rule. He’s a one man shop owner and trust me, that gig can be tough when you still have a day job.

Also, something terrible could have happened to him. He might be riding the big bike trail in the sky for all we know. I would miss him, and would definitely pour out a gatorade any time i went out to skate.

Or he could just be on vacation. Sometimes we have to take a vacation and tell everyone to just fuck off for our own sanity’s sake.

@torqueboards does have his moments of “WTF Dood” but a lot of that comes from being a one man shop like @longhairedboy mentioned. Even my super pessimistic self will eventually buy from him again. He will prove your money was well spent, but itll take time.

@torqueboards has always been highly responsive. I’m sure there’s a good explanation. The others have noted, and it’s true, that sometimes there are delays with one-person shops. It’s easy to lose track of a thread when you have so many people contacting you all the time. I’m sure he’ll get it resolved!

oh boy :frowning:

Sorry Vitor. This was unacceptable and we are currently restructuring to accommodate the increase in sales and support emails.

I’ve emailed you to resolve this issue. Sent you an email for a future discount as well.

Once again, I apologize for the late response.


vitor can you confirm this?

yeap, got the email, thanks guys!

This is why TB is the best

Got your email in my gmail box today! It’s all good! Makes perfectly good sense why people are chomping at the bit to get ahold of this stuff. I appreciate all of your help, man!! Thanks! I’ll just hang tight and chill.

Quick update: Working with @torqueboards and his company has been a great experience. Top notch customer service! Really. I can be a picky bastard. I have nothing but good things to say about Things are moving and shaking over there. It should be exciting to see what is coming down the pipe. Cheers!!

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