Problem with ESC


So today I was assembling my board cause I went living to another country. I was almost done so I was doing a last check before closing the enclosure (this one I got made here from a metal sheet) it turned on, hub motors where working fine, tried to turn it off but it didnt worked, so I just unpluged the battery and plug again and it didnt wanted to turn on again. I thought “oh one of the switch cables must have got cut” , disconected them from the esc and tried to turn it on touching the pins with a screw driver and nothing.

So then i used my multimeter on the battery and it was ok (41v on a 36v esc) then i disconected the motors to discard problems around there and used the multimeter to check if the cables where ok on the turn on switch and they show almost 40v. This led me to believe that something is wrong with the esc at some level, anything I can do to check other parts of the esc with a multimeter?

Sadly this is a cheap chinese board from a US brand that they dont sell it anymore, so if the esc is busted I dont really have information more than I know that is a 36v esc on a 10s2p battery, I dont know how many watts the two hub motors draw, I remember the manual just said 500w but didnt especify total watts or 500w each motor but i doubt it, also ive seen minimum 350w on hub motors which leads me to believe that the manual was just bullshit lol. So I dont really know which esc buy from aliexpress (for now im sticking on this cheap hub motors and future esc, hopefully soon, I will build a board from scratch) and I would love any directions that might help on my troubles

Of course I will leave pictures now about the esc, and sorry if its hard to understand, i wast finishing the board when all happened and a couple friends showed up with drinks lol