Problem with group buy motor mount? Or am I missing something?

If I exit the wires where I think they need to go on the mount I lose all adjustability? I can turn the motor through 180 degrees but I think that’s fairly unconventional? Am I missing something?

First photo of the unconventional mounting 2nd of the problem if mounted how I imagine it should be. I could get the offending corner milled off I guess? Or am I missing something more obvious?

No idea since I don’t have my mounts yet, but I’m pretty sure it’s a good reason for that design, let’s see what says the creator @JuniorPotato93, thanks dude.

@bigben I see what you mean. I did not have this issue when I used SK3’s as they orientation of the cables relative to the mounting pattern was different. You could get that section removed if its a critical issue.

That being said, I did mount my SK3s with the phase cables facing forwards since they are not as flexible as the silicone variety

Yep I think I’m going to mill it off. Not a problem. Can I just say that this is really great stuff though. I am sooo happy with that kegel pulley. Really great work.

Point the wires toward the deck to keep them from touching the ground or rocks. Use 1/2" riser pads for deck clearance.


This is very similar to how mine are laid out.

If it were me I would orientate the wires down, then you still have the give in the wires when you turn.

That is how I did mine. Haven’t had any issues with it.

Looks good and you have your wires well protected

Those are some clean motor mounts! where do you get those mounts?

They are my design and I had them CNCed.

do you have any extras that you would consider selling?

I did not do a batch run on these as my intent was to make my own board not to sell product, so I only had the 2 made. There was 2 recent group buys of which there was a production run of my motor mounts. It is possible that @JLabs has extras if you’re located in North America or @ajaynagra if you’re in Europe

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Do these mounts fit tight without any shims or grub screws? Do they work with 265mm belts?

They don’t require any shims or grub screws. One mounting screw which is a M6 X 20-25mm and clamps it in place.

If you wanted to drill and tap an extra whole to put a grub/set screw onto one of the faces you could but you don’t need to. I’ve ridden mine since September and they haven’t moved.

Belt size for these is 255. I did that to get the motor closer to the truck hanger and reduce the arc it travels through but had I known before then that 265 was a standard might have made it longer.

Sounds good. My Enertion mounts are like that, they fit very tight and solid. My TB mounts are not a good fit and it was very difficult to get them tight with shims. So, what about the belts, do they work with 265mm belts?

Well, technically the answer is yes as you can run any mount with any reasonably sized belt but the answer you’re looking for is no.

It will work with 265mm belts just not on a 15:36 ratio. For 15:36 you’re going to need a 255mm belt.

If you run a 15:38 then you should be able to use them with a 265mm belt.

Ok, I am running 15/36 and 265mm belts which I have a huge stock of. I thought they would be similar in length to the Enertion mounts which I use 265mm belts on. They don’t appear to be shorter than Enertion mounts.

Might not look it but they are in fact about 5mm shorter.

Yo, random question do you think it would be possible to fit a 255 belt on enertions mount?