Problem with my speed on eskate

hi everyone i am new in here and on a eskate .I recently bought a used electric skateboard with 600watt brushed motor and 3 x 12v and 9ah batteries,I changed the batteries as the skateboard was going for about 5 km for hour,but the problem is still there ,can t carry me with more speed ,any idea;

The vesc might be limiting your amps. Check that.

Are you sure if it’s a brushed or brushless motor? 600w is not that much, 12v too. Let us know a bit more about your setup. Which controller you use, which kV your motor have, it’s single or dual motor, the 12v batteries in series or parallel, how is your gearing, which wheel size you drive?

the batteries are in series 36v 9ah,the diametre of wheel 10 and It doesn’t seem to have an other gear ,the model is identical to skatey 600w

how can I check it,I have no idea

Like this

exactly but mine says max 75 ,that’s the difference

600 watt is definatrly enough. The motors from meepo run on 500w I believe.