Problem with raptor drive kit 2.1 (Solved)

hi guy ! i just receive my drive kit 2.1 from enertion , amazing build quality , and the unity is just amazing! i notice something on my trucks and im worried that it can broke my motor ,here is the situation ; -one motor have protection on the wire that goes in the wheel, its protec by a black silicon protection i think for the heat , BUT on the other motor there is no protection at all , i can see all the wire of the motor, when i ask to enertion about this they told me its normal and the heat would not affect my wire but im not so sure about that because of the picture ive seen on internet… what do you think ? Thanks rap2 rap1

im worried that it will do that rap%203

This is probably not a problem, the insulation on the wires can handle up to 260degress C, and it’s well protected buy the truck and the plastic cover.

However, If you are worried how it looks, you can easily fix this, simply remove the plastic wire cover/clip and reposition the protective sheathing.


ok thanks you ! just to be sure im not broking anything , i guess i need to push each side pin of the cover and lift the cover ? the pin of the cover will stay on the trucks ? Thanks you Jason for your incredible work in electric skateboard , you product are incredible !

The plastic clip is designed to be removed, its a bit tricky to remove it because it is very tightly fitted.

You need a small flathead screw driver. Then you can gently pry it off.