Problem with vesc (spark)

Soooooo I connected my vesc to my lipo… Without antispark… There was a spark… Now it is dead

Are there any parts of the vesc which typiccaly break if there was a spark? Anything that could ne broken that i can replace?

Sparks are not a problem to the vesc unless you wired it wrong polarity.

Idk i just wired it right (as long as i know )connected it but noled light and no led on the reciever and no working Motor

I mean, a spark at the plug when it gets connected, If you saw a spark inside the VESC its no good news. I read some units had problems with the pin connectors punching through the main wires insulation. Does anything look cooked on the board? Maybe some pics will help

Ill get pics tomorrow and ill try to connect another time…

Can you post some picture ?

Tomorrow i will

Are you still using the same battery setup?

Since it produced already a spark in your old configuration it might be still causing problems.

Normally yes bit i forgot connecting

Tell me which other pics you need

I noticed that there is like a bubble on a mosfet

Wrong alarm was only sticky crap

I cleaned it and there is nothing wrong with it…

Is there a test if it is still alive without lipo?

You could use a 12V power supply.

I’d recommend d re-soldering your red cable to your vesc’s main board, that join is really bad! 3rd to last picture

Post a pick of the connectors so we can see if the are reversed

Man, this looks really bad… you should try to stick with black for negative and red for positive… I can’t even tell IF you have something reversed on that harness because of the color mess.

Who produced this VESC? No offense, but those joints are all really bad looking IMO… High heat, thick lead solder, and less than 2 seconds to touch and you should have beautiful joint. This looks like the soldering I did when I didn’t know how to solder correctly.

You can clearly see that the wire wasn’t even tinned lol