Problems, please help

I decided to restore my eboard and I found some problems: one motor is spinning faster than the other one my esc (labeled as 12s) is recognized as 8s by my computer I can’t program esc to achieve soft acceleration (alienpowersystem software) and thread on one of my trucks disappeared I’ll be thankful for any help <3

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which esc is it

this one, when I bought it, it wasn’t labeled as car esc (and it’s in “Ev esc” category one the website)

i have not used that esc, but from the website, i think you should try to update firmware/configure it/ etc.

I did all of that but nothing helps. APS agreed to exchange my used esc for this one:

and I think I’m gonna do that, this esc is recommended for EV systems so it should be better than previous one

:+1: 10chars

:stuck_out_tongue: ehm, what does that mean? haha I don’t know english slang very well

it means “ok. good”

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cool thanks for help :blush: how good is it? comparing to vesc for example or is it good for that price?

I have never used that ESC, so id dont really know what it is like

ok, you solved my biggest problem anyway, I can’t thank you enough :star_struck:

i did? 10 chars

yes, kind of… haha we’ll see after I get new esc

lol (laugh out loud). ok

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