Problems whith eskateboard parts

High, just thought it may help to sort out peoples problems while building their skateboards if there was a problems page. Heres a problem i would like some advice about:- While building mine i found that the drive wheel and hub were too long for the axle on the trucks, or if you like the axle wasnt long enough,so i thought i would invest in some brand new Paris trucks, couldnt go wrong this time surely as i saw them listed on this site as one of makes to go for.So when i received them i couldnt wait to fit them. No, good luck wasn’t on my side that day the threaded part of the axle was short by 5 mm the nut went on but not all the of these days the nuts going to fall off . i’ll have try some locktight. So, are truck axles all the same length or did someone get it wrong when producing the wheel and drive gear??? Let me know what you think as others may have the same problem.

you got a enertion drive wheel pulley? if so, did you see this one

i can see what your saying by grinding down the truck but why should we have to do this when the parts supposed to fit and have been tested. supposing someone whose not able to do this has the same problem.what a pain in the butt.

that’s why I asked if you use a enertion wheel pulley, there is other wheel pulleys out there where you don’t have to grind your truck down.

yes of course i was using an enertion wheel pulley cos i thought they were the best for my project, if the product needs modifying then it should be done, if the product doesnt fit a standard truck then it shouldnt be on the market until the problem is sorted out, why should the customer have to waste his time sorting it out. and finally if the product was properly tested then the problem should be sorted before it goes on the market.

actually it’s not a problem, it’s a feature. If you like to fit a enertion pully on your truck you have to modify it.



its because the part is designed to fit the enertion truck which has a longer axle

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Please stop complaining… it was made to go on Enertion trucks which work perfectly with them.

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It states on the product page that you may have to modify your truck. Do you know anyone with a dremel/grinder/metal saw?

We sell modified trucks that work perfectly with our wheel pulley…

If you buy other trucks you need to factor in some modifications.