Problems with Braking Focbox

Hi guys,

i have problem, that is my braking isn’t as strong as i want them to be. So my Question is what i can do to change that or if that is just it. FYI i have a Focbox and before that an APS 120a RC ESC which had strong brakes. I am currently using Ackmaniacs Tool. Motor: sk3 6364 245kv Battery: 6s1p 5AH Zippy Lipo Reduction: 15:40 and 97mm wheels These are my motor settings.

Here my App Settings.

“Motor current Max Brake”

what about it? Do i have to lower it? Do i have to keep it under 50A since that is what the focbox can handle continiously? I dont want to fry it

Your lipos can most likely handle 2C charge rate. If thats the case, then you can lower your batt max regen to -10.

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damn you are right, i always thought they were only 1c. So the Motor Current Max Brake is playing second fiddle?

Raise the -max motor amps I run mine at -65a and i like the brakes you will not damage the focbox it can handle up to 50a battery amps continuously the motor amps are different.

It’s as simple as that “Motor Current Max Brake” is for total brake strength and especially for mid and slow speed “Battery Current Max Regen” is for brake power at high speed.

But in your case -5A for “Battery Current Max Regen” will limit the brake power at nearly all speeds because it is too low. If you Battetry can officially handle 2C charge current (5Ah * 2 time capacity = 10A) you can set it to 10A. But even that is a bit low. I recommend to go even 50% higher than that because to my experience these max charge current ratings are only for continuous charge and not for short bursts which take mostly not longer than 5 seconds. So even 15A shouldn’t harm your battery.

And when you think about it, your APS 120a RC ESC didn’t give a fuck about any max charge currents specs.

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ok thanks for elaborating