Problems with motor safety

How do you guys protect your motors from stuff that’s on the streets? Because isn’t it dangerous to run it without any kind of protection? And did any of you guys ever break the winding because of something like this?

i currently run mine without protection, im not sure but most people i see don’t have much protection, some motors come enclosed pretty well. you can build a enclosure for it or do what some people to and put a mesh type bag around it.

I run mine unprotected too so to speak. With dual motors there is very little space for anything to get in. I guess there is still a chance something small could get in there and create some problems. I thought about using outerwears, but they are made for inrunner motors. They could also cause problems being attached to the spinning can of the motor and being unbalanced. I also thought about some kind of deflector, but that could block the airflow we need for cooling. I’d be interested to see what comes up in this conversation. Mesh deflector?

no protection here either. Hasn’t really been a problem. Plus you want your motors somewhat exposed to open air for cooling.

I’ve probably ridden well around 4-5k miles in total in a few years. Always unprotected. Never an issue. Typically, your motor is spinning fairly fast anything that touches/hits it will fly off.

If you mount inward, your always kicking things outward for the most part.

I suppose some people have but I think that’s more of just a bad luck thing.

What do you mean with mounting the motor inward? How does this keep it safe?