Problems with motor

I have just put everything together and i tested it today. But my motor stutters and i cannot move at a normal speed. Does anybody have the same problem?

Could be loose motor connectors. Could be your not riding it properly. What’s your setup/parts?

If you had picture of your connection amd more detail abouth tour setup, it will help us help you…, :thinking:

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hier is a video of my setup

if it’s the vesc in current mode that’s normal. put it on the ground and ride it and it’s likely fine.

It could also be mounting screws being too long. If so they will touch the stators when trying to spin the motor.

does that make it stutter?

It only stutters when i stand on it and move it

Do u give it a little push? How bout a video of what it’s doing ?

Are you running foc ?

nope. just BLDC

maybe try the bldc test again and see if it passes. if it passes I’m pretty sure the motor is fine. Some people think they have a bad motor as on the bench it reacts strangely but under load, when riding, its fine.

Does it shutter only at the start or is it impossible to ride ?

Also, can you post your setting in the bldc tool ?

Its kind of out in left field, but have you checked the PPM setup? Turn on display and make sure that the MAX, MID & MIN are set correctly.

when i try to detect paramaters it says that the detection failed. What do i do?

here are some pictures of my settings in BLDC

unplug your receiver when you do your motor detection

here i did a little test ride howe ever it made a weird noise and went extremely slow.

Here is the setup and in this video i also tried running the motor on the ground.

even without the receiver plugged in it still says failed

probably shorted motor. or maybe the phase wires are touching if your failing the test